"I’m really afraid to feel happy, because it never lasts."

Anonymous said: a boy asked me on a date who I've known my entire life but he's on really hard drugs and he's only 17 so he's a bit older than I am and I don't know if I should honestly go or not cause I'm not into drugs and I feel like he wants to do other things like that too....

he probably wants to fuck you just sayin. probably not in your best interest but if you wanna be adventurous then maybe you should go.

Anonymous said: okay you seem like you're such a cocky piece of shit and all you care about is sex and weed and lame shit like that but i feel so terrible since i've always thought that but i realized you're just like so many people out there who arent happy with life. you're smart, caring, and probably a whole bunch of other nice shit i cant think of. and im so sorry that you feel that way and that i judged you but just know that you're basically worshipped here on tumblr

being worshipped on tumblr is like being the smartest kid in the retard class 😂😂😂 but thank u ❤️

Anonymous said: I really like this one guy and he likes me but tomorrow he wanted to hang out but you know do more than that but I chickened out because I'm still a virgin and I was scared. I feel like I should more on because it could be all he wants from me

no don’t do anything you don’t wanna do. there’s so many people in the world. if your virginity matters a lot to you then I wouldn’t waste it on just some guy.

  -  18 August

Anonymous said: how are you miserable?

just not happy with myself idk I don’t make good choices and they lead me to bad consequences.

  -  18 August

I actually get jealous of people who are happy cause I’m so miserable.